The federal government is the largest buyer of information technology in the world. In recent years, a large number of new firms have entered the market with the hopes of instant success. Many of these firms did so without first making the proper business analysis. Time and money was wasted due to not under¬≠standing the market and its needs. With proper upfront planning, the probability of success could have been greatly increased.

CMA FedMarket Assessment Program

This program offers an analysis of the potential for your company’s solutions in the government market. It is a low-risk approach to determine the most feasible strategy to enter this market. It allows you an opportunity to look before you leap, thereby not investing time and money pursuing the wrong targets, making the wrong hiring decisions, or setting unrealistic expectations.


  • Validates market requirements for your solutions
  • Increases the probability of success
  • Targets the right agencies and market segments
  • Allows you to make the right business and hiring decisions