CMA Contract Vehicles

CMA is the holder, as a small business prime contractor for the three major Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) – GSA Group 70 IT, NASA SEWP V and the NIH CIO-CS contracts. The GSA IT contract can be utilized by all Federal agencies as well as state and local governments.   The NASA SEWP V and NIH CIO-CS contracts are open to all federal agencies and their authorized contractors.


Channel Partner Selection

The selection of the right government channel partner is an important decision by Information technology solution providers. Factors such as industry knowledge, past performance and marketing, business development, sales and government acquisition experience should be a part of the evaluation and selection criteria. Another important criterion is the focus and dedication of the business partner to your company.


Value Add Remarketer

CMA is a value-added remarketer for a select group of technology companies.  Our model represents a viable alternative to the large government resellers that represent hundreds of companies and provide little or no dedication to many vendors.  Our focus and dedication to a limited number of non-competing technologies provides assurance your brand will be professionally represented. Another added differentiator is our 26 years of extensive experience in marketing and business development.

A number of our vendors have chosen to add their products and solutions to the CMA GSA contract and now to our recent awards for the SEWP V and NIH CIO-CS contracts.  Our main focus is on enterprise infrastructure, cloud, analytics and security solutions that require expert knowledge and special attention. We limit the number of companies on our Government-Wide Acquisition contracts to provide you with a high level of personal service.

CMA helps drive the sales with our expert marketing and business development skill sets. We manage the contractual and administrative complexities and provide life-cycle contract management and perform all order processing, invoicing and collections. CMA received an Exceptional Rating from the GSA Contractor Audit team in 2013 and 2016. Additional value includes lease financing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), payment processing through a major financial institution and teaming with other partners.



  • Focus and dedication to your company and brands
  • Proven marketing and business development programs to drive new business
  • Expert contracts management, order fulfilment and timely vendor payments protect your business and financial interests
  • Excellent past performance assures your company will be professionally represented