Since 1989, CMA has been a trusted partner for many of the leading technology companies

CMA offers a portfolio of market development services to help technology companies in the public sector market. Our services support both established firms as well as new entrants seeking access to the growing business in government. Our business is growing yours.

We have successfully assisted hundreds of companies develop generate new business by implementing sales campaigns and the pursuit of government procurements. Major firms such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Teradata - as well as many small to medium size firms - have relied on CMA for needed support.

Our 27 years of experience has allowed us to develop and support the main pillars of expertise required to be successful in the government market. This is a key discriminator of CMA as this allows us to deliver integrated solutions for our clients. 

  • Marketing
  • We help define your company's government marketing strategies, develop and implement sales campaigns to promote your brand and solutions and generate quality sales leads.
  • Business Development
  • Experienced government business development personnel provide the market knowledge, access, business intelligence and hands-on assistance to identify, qualify, pursue and capture program level new business.
  • Government Contracts
  • Our managed services help CMA clients to obtain contract awards and more efficiently manage their government contracts.  We have successfully supported hundreds of companies with their federal GSA Schedule and state contracts. 
  • Technology Sales
  • Our value-added remarketer services provides technology and services companies access to targeted market segments in the federal state and local government markets. The majority of sales are executed through the three major Government-Wide Acqusition Contracts held by CMA.